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Facebook has a huge audience. It is the biggest source of online display advertising in the world. In fact, more advertising views are generated by Facebook than its next three largest competitors combined. Facebook currently has more than 2 billion users, and the average user spends 7 hours every month on the social network.

This means that with Facebook you can find your ideal target audience and we can get your service in front of the eyes that matter. It also means that you can use Facebook traffic to increase your sales volume by an enormous amount. Finally, it means that if you don’t use Facebook effectively, you will fall behind your competition that is using it effectively.

Facebook Lead GenerationFacebook PPC advertising campaigns can take your small business internet marketing to the next level. We manage every detail of the advertising campaign, from initial set-up to weekly monitoring, and we make adjustments based on the campaign’s performance to help you get the most leads possible.

Facebook advertising can position your service directly in front of a very specific cross section of users on mobile devices or desktops, serving ads to people based on their age, sex, location, income, interests, workplace, education, and more. We will make sure your business reaches the people who matter most: your potential customers.


Facebook gives businesses the power to finely target and reach specific consumers.


Facebook is becoming more of a pay-to-play site. We will run Facebook ads each month to reach your perfect clients.  In our opinion, Facebook Ads are Facebook Lead Generationone of the most under-utilized and best sources of marketing to your perfect client on the web right now. Here are some of the great things that you can do with Facebook ads:

• Build your customer e-mail list
• Target your perfect clients by demographics
• Target your local market
• Reach more of your potential customers for pennies per engagement
• Advertise to people who have visited your website through re-targeting pixels

Once we have your best ads up and running, we monitor them daily to make sure they continue to perform well and tweak your ads just a bit to test new variables.


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