Lead Generation

Exclusive Leads – Increase Your Customer Base and Revenues

Calls That Come to You – AND ONLY TO YOU.
No More Chasing Leads Before Someone Else Gets There First.

Through our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expertise, we build, rank and maintain dozens of properties with a dedicated phone number assigned to your business. Just your business Lead Generationand no one else. When a prospective customer does a search online for your type of business, finds one of our high-conversion sites or ads and dials the number, or fills out a contact form, the call or email is sent directly to wherever you designate the calls and emails to go.

We use whatever it takes to drive phone calls to you. Websites, Landing Pages, Videos, Facebook Ads, Online Classifieds, PPC Marketing – We are experts at all of these and will create campaigns that will bring you a steady stream of calls and emails from prospective customers. Exclusive leads that will help you build a stronger customer base and steadily increase your business revenues.

Exclusive LeadsWe put great effort towards achieving high rankings in local search for all of our digital properties, regularly tweaking the assets through SEO and continuously re-evaluating them. When calls and emails come in, you will have access to our proprietary call tracking platform to listen to them, tag them and analyze your revenue streams from our properties.

We ensure that your business appears in local searches not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices and tablets. Our goal is to put your business in front of as many local searches as possible to maximize the number of exclusive calls we direct to your business.

Lead Generation SpecialistsOur proprietary Call Tracking platform will allow, if you choose,  you to listen to every call that comes in to verify billing accuracy, refine call handling, and analyze the properties that are driving the most revenue.

We will work together to maximize your customer conversion rates so every prospect that calls in will have the best chance of becoming a long-term customer.

Let us drive customers to you so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business and staying ahead of your competitors.

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